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Reverge shipped this critically-acclaimed 2D fighting game for XBLA and PSN in 2012, as Reverge Labs.


Codename: OT


OT is the codename for Reverge's fantastic surreal universe of action and adventure.

The OT universe supports a wide range of game styles, and we are currently demoing a prototype of our first concept, an action puzzle game built on our internal 3D technology.


...and more to come


Our visionary artists and designers are constantly developing new concepts for games across a wide variety of genres.


Codename: MR


We are currently in the prototype and fundraising phase of a product that will revolutionize the way people access video and interactive content in their living rooms.

There are now nearly 200 million flat screen TV sets in use. Annual sales of high definition flat screen television sets will shortly cross 200 million. Those will constitute the market for our patented technology.



Reverge Studios collaborated with the University of South Carolina to assist them in their efforts to prototype real-time image recognition systems capable of flying unmanned reconnaissance aircraft without human input.

This is pioneering work involving the use of real-time game engine technology running in the massively-parallel CUDA programming environment from nVidia.


Tactical Language & Culture Training Systems


Reverge Studios was a development partner of Alelo, Inc., producers of the award-winning Tactical Language & Culture Training Systems. These are immersive, interactive courses that use 3D video games with speech recognition and artificial intelligence to teach how to communicate in foreign languages and cultures.

We improved the realtime 3D engine, provided the critical support for rendering of native Arabic script and streaming video, and developed the primary content creation utility Tide, used to author all interactive encounters in the game.


Core Technology

Reverge Studios is committed to using the latest technology developments and programming methodologies to continually advance the state-of-the-art in software architecture, systems engineering, and 3D game engines.

We value testing and portability. Our core technology is highly modular, allowing us to create and maintain automatic testing procedures to ensure that all systems are bug-free and work according to specifications, on multiple platforms and compilers.