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ReCode is our CTO Emil Dotchevski's blog on programming.

It is the place where Emil rants about C++, video game development and other programming topics. You can post comments or subscribe for RSS updates whenever a new article or reader comment is posted.



N3757 is a proposal to add to the C++ standard "Support for user-defined exception information and diagnostic information in std::exception", and N3758 is a companion article that specifies several standard types of exception information.


(Boost) Synapse

Emil wrote a non-intrusive Signals/Slots library. It is released under the Boost Software License, though it is not an official part of Boost. Download it here: Boost Synapse.


(Boost) QVM

Emil has submitted a new library for working with vector and matrix types of static size for a formal Boost review. Documentation and source released under the Boost Software License are available here: Boost QVM.


Parallel Programming Seminar, August 7-9 2009

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This was a three day seminar by our CTO Emil Dotchevski hosted by the Interdisciplinary Mathematics Institute, University of South Carolina. The lectures included information on GPU-powered parallel programming in general, and the CUDA programming language in particular. Emil's game development background provided an interesting perspective in understanding the basic design principles, strengths and weaknesses of modern GPUs.


BoostCon, May 3-8 2009

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As Boost contributor and author of Boost Exception, Emil attended BoostCon 2009 in Aspen, Colorado for a short presentation. His talk included general advice on error handling and exception handling, as well as specific information on how Boost Exception streamlines and simplifies working with exceptions in C++.


Allocator Support for std::function

Adding allocator support to std::function for C++0x - formal proposal to add user-supplied allocator support in std::function. It has already been incorporated into the latest draft N2606 of the C++ standard.

See the C++ Library Working Group Status Report (Post-Antipolis 2008 Mailing) for more information.


Boost Exception


Boost Exception is a C++ error handling library designed by our CTO Emil Dotchevski. It is part of Boost, arguably the most recognized collection of C++ libraries in the world.

Boost Exception supports transporting of arbitrary data to the catch site, which is otherwise tricky due to the no-throw requirements (15.5.1) for exception types. Data can be added to any exception object, either directly in the throw-expression (15.1), or at a later time as the exception object propagates up the call stack.


C++ Scripting System for Games

Game Developer Magazine

Creating a C++ Scripting System was published in the June 2002 issue of the Game Developer Magazine, the leading professional publication of the game development industry. It describes a scripting system based on innovative use of C++ expression templates.